Ultimate Guide To Detecting AdBlock

AdBlockers are web browser plugins, extension or addon that block advert such as Google Adsense found an any website such as AdBlock plus. Most internet users have this plugin activated and that number is in the increase.
If you as a site owner, your main source of income is from displaying Ads of various Ad-network on your website, this can be frustrating because there is a drastic deep in revenue generation.

Dealing With Adblock

Most website prefer to do nothing in dealing with AdBlock menace, others politely ask users to whitelist them while some completely hide it content or redirect users to given page on detection of AdBlock.

How To Detect AdBlock

Am going to be showing us how to detect AdBlock using JavaScript and jQuery code. i wasn’t having the time to set up a demo page but i can assure you, it works like charm.

Using Javascript

  • Create a JavaScript file named advert.js or advertisement.js (for this tutorial, am using the former) containing the code below
  • Use the below script to detect if Adblock is enabled or not.
  • Code explanation – firstly, we create a JavaScript file using the Adblockplus blacklisted name “advert” to fool Adblock that you are actually serving a JS advert. next we embedded the created “advert.js” file. we created a javascript code to detect the presence of advert.js via the CSS ID “tester”.
    if the ID has not been assigned a value, then it has been blocked by Adblock, hence the notice that AdBlock is enabled.

Using jQuery
  • Wrap your Ad code for example Google Adsense Ad using a CSS class or ID. for example

  • Use the below jQuery code to detect Adblock

  • Note if your Ad code was wrap with a CSS ID rather than a class, for example

    Then change the .myTestAd in the Adblock JS code to #myTestAd

Using jQuery II

Similar to the Javascript code above. the only difference is, this is jQuery and the other is javascript.

  • Wrap your AAd code for example Google Adsense Ad using a CSS class or ID. for example

  • Use the below jQuery code to detect Adblock

Using Google Adsense Visibility And Javascript

This code is quite handy if you do not want to wrap your existing Adsense code with a CSS ID or class. it utilizes the fact that Google’s ad code creates an iframe with the id “iframe”. So as long as you don’t already have something on your page with that ID, this’d work for you too.

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