How To File A Google Adsense Appeal And Get Reinstated

Few months back, i got a mail from the Adsense team that my Google Adsense account was disabled because of invalid activities was detected on my blog. luckily for me, i saw an option for me to appeal the decision. I filed an appeal immediately trying to prove my innocent but after weeks of waiting, i got a mail that the appeal wasn’t successful. I wrote an appeal two more time and i wasn’t reinstated.
Then i said to myself, Google can’t be wrong about invalid activities, so i started thinking and writing stuff i was doing to see if i was going against their terms. i later discovered why i got ban by Google Adsense.

Tips To Follow When Writing Adsense Appeal
  • Head over to the invalid activities appeal page
  • Fill the form presented to you accurately and don’t try to lie because the Google team will know.
  • Explain what you think might have caused the ban and how you will try to prevent such occurrence in future
  • Do not try to claim you are innocent, instead admit you are guilty.

I pray your appeal will be successful and you will be reinstated.

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