3 Reasons in Favour and Against Website Builders

3 Reasons in Favour and Against Website Builders

With technology progressively more complex by the minute, keeping your image and online identity afloat in these tumultuous, fast-paced times is next to impossible if you don't own your own website, regardless of the industry you operate in. How, then, do you create a website?Conventionally, you'd have to either hire a website designer, or create your own website from scratch. However, there is another option out there for those who don't … [Continue reading]

Perform Case-insensitive comparison of strings in PHP

Perform Case-insensitive comparison of strings in PHP

strcasecmp() is a nice PHP function for comparing two strings case-insensitively.Note: the function returns 0 if they are equal.Examples The examples below both return the string true.[php] … [Continue reading]

You can now Withdraw Payoneer Fund to your Local Bank Account

Withdraw payoneer fund to local Bank Account

Gone are the days of going to the ATM just to be able to withdraw your Payoneer money.New to Payoneer? Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards.A slew number of companies such as Themeforest (Envato) uses Payoneer for sending out mass payment. Payoneer can be considered an alternative to PayPal. Unlike PayPal … [Continue reading]

Redirect First Time Commenters to a Custom WordPress Page

Code snippet to redirect readers or visitors commenting on your blog for the first time to a custom WordPress page.

For reasons best known to you, redirecting readers or site visitors commenting on your blog for the first time to say, a Thank You for Commenting page would be fascinating.The code snippet below does the job perfectly well.[php] function redirect_first_time_commenters( $url, $comment ) {// get count of user comment $comment_count = get_comments( array( 'author_email' => $comment->comment_author_email, 'count' => true ) );// … [Continue reading]

Post Draft in WordPress Got Lost But Firebug to the Rescue

Firebug inspecting HTTP requests and response

I was writing a blog post the other day and had to stop for a moment. On resumption, my session expired and WordPress needed me to sign-in again which I did on a new tab.I went back to the tab that I was writing on and tried saving the draft but WordPress killed the operation for security reasons and the draft wasn't saved.Firebug to the Rescue Mind you, I was almost through with the writing and I couldn't afford to start all over … [Continue reading]

XAMPP Solution: Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.

MySQL Database access denied via phpMyAdmin

I use XAMPP to create a *AMP (apache, MySQL and PHP) stack local-server on my Windows 7 machine. XAMPP is bundled with phpMyAdmin - a web-based database administration tool.While trying to access phpMyAdmin days ago, the following error message was displayed:#2002 - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.The server is not responding (or the local server's socket is not correctly configured). … [Continue reading]

Creating Tables in WordPress Database on Plugin Activation

Creating Tables in WordPress Database on Plugin Activation

WordPress provides plugin developers the option to store settings or data specific to a plugin into to the options database table (wp_options) made easy with a number of helper functions such as add_option, update_option and delete_option to add, update and delete data in the options table respectively.Data stored in the options table should be a key/value pair. According to a performance rule of thumb, any data type with a complicated … [Continue reading]