How to Fix SVN Error “The HTTP method ‘MKCOL’ is not allowed on …”

I ran into the following error while trying to svn commit the code of this plugin to WordPress plugin repository.

The HTTP method ‘MKCOL’ is not allowed on …

Got to discover via this stackoverflow thread that the error was as a result of me trying to add or push a directory that already existed in the SVN repository.


Git F*cking Push Everything

Call me lazy, a retard or whatever name you like, i f*cking don’t care.

I got tired of f*cking typing the following f*cking separate commands in order to push a commits and tags to remote.

Don’t f*cking bother telling me it can be f*cking simplified to one f*cking command git push && git push --tags

I decided to put an end to it today by putting my Google-fu skill to action and as always, ended up on StackOverflow.…

How to Clean up URL Query Arguments in WordPress Settings Pages

I seldom use the Settings API for building my plugins admin pages because I love to be in control of layout and design.

When the form for configuring my plugin is saved successfully or an error occurred, I usually add a query parameter to the page URL handy in displaying an admin notice to that effect.

WordPress 4.2 release included a nifty feature that removes query parameters handy in displaying admin notices.…

Converting a jQuery Object to Native DOM Element

jQuery is a great JavaScript library that abstracts away the pain in HTML document transversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax with an easy-to-use API that works across multiple browsers.

A need to convert a jQuery object to native DOM element may arise in your future project and the conversion is easy as calling get() method on the object likes so:

How to Clone a Git Repository Content to a Given Folder

When you clone a Git repository with the git clone command like so:

The content of the repo will be downloaded or cloned into a WP_List_Table-Class-Plugin-Example (repository name) folder.

This might not be your expected behavior. An example of what your expection might be is for the content of the Git repository to be cloned into your current directory or to a named folder in the current directory.…