5 Best WordPress User Profile Plugins Compared

A WordPress user profile plugin allows you to create beautiful and customizable user profiles for your website users. You will likely need a user profile plugin to build a membership site, online communities, social networks, or digital commerce website.

These websites will require your users to easily access their account pages, edit their user profiles, access their purchases, and more without accessing the WordPress admin panel.

A user profile plugin will allow you to build these user profile pages quickly without any need for programming or coding knowledge. Anyone can use these plugins, and they would create a good profile page for their users.

This article will compare five of the best user profile plugins to help you build professional front-end profile pages on your WordPress sites.

Benefits of WordPress User Profile Plugins

There are many benefits to using a user profile plugin on your WordPress site; we will look at a few below.

Customization — A user profile plugin allows you to customize and style your user profile pages to your liking. You can easily change the fonts, layouts, colors, and more.

Integrations — Most user profile plugins allow you to integrate your site with other plugins and third-party services such as payment processors, newsletter providers, social media platforms, and more.

Frontend access — User profile plugins allow your users to access and edit their profile from your website frontend, unlike the default WordPress profiles that will require them to access the admin areas.

Advanced features — User profile Plugins will allow you to build advanced features into your website without coding. You will be able to create communities and member directories where users can find and interact with each other.

Let’s look at our list of best WordPress user profile plugins.

Best User Profile WordPress Plugins

There are numerous user profile plugins for WordPress, which makes it challenging to choose the right one for your website. Still, we have picked the best plugins that offer the best features to build beautiful and professional profile pages for your convenience.

1. ProfilePress

ProfilePress is a popular user profile plugin with extensive features such as digital downloads, memberships, and user profile management. ProfilePress is active on over 300,000 websites.

It comes in free and premium versions with many extra functionalities. ProfilePress is a simple but powerful plugin for managing user profiles and selling digital products on your website. The plugin allows you to build highly customizable WordPress registration forms, login forms, and profile pages, and it also allows front-end profile editing.

It has pre-made templates to deploy to build beautiful user-profiles and forms quickly.

ProfilePress Features

ProfilePress has all the necessary features of a WordPress user profile plugin. It supports front-end user profiles, memberships, and account editing features. It allows you to create front-end login and registration forms, redirect people after they log in, and create a frontend profile that your users can edit from the frontend. Below are some of the other features of ProfilePress.

  • User registration and login forms
  • Automatic registration and login redirect
  • User dashboard
  • Member Directory
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Pre-built templates
  • Social logins
  • Access control and content restrictions

You can also integrate ProfilePress with other plugins, such as Woocommerce, and it also works with third-party platforms, such as payment gateways, Newsletter Providers, and more.

An example of a user profile

Here is a look at an example of a user profile page built with the ProfilePress plugin

Profile Press custom field

ProfilePress Pricing – Free with premium plans starting at $129/year.

2. UserPro

User Pro

UserPro is a premium community and user profile WordPress plugin which can be bought on CodeCanyon. According to CodeCanyon statistics, it has made over 20,000 sales with an average rating of 4.4 stars from over 1,700 reviewers, which makes it one of the most popular user profile plugins on CodeCanyon.

UserPro Features

The UserPro plugin has many features covering everything from user registration and login forms to frontend profile pages, member listings, Access controls, and more. Below are some of its features.

  • Create unlimited profiles
  • Assign different user roles
  • Social Connect and Integration
  • User badges and achievements
  • Content restriction
  • Verified accounts and more

It also supports integration with Woocommerce and Buddypress.

An example of a user profile

Here is a quick look at the default WordPress frontend user profile page for the UserPro plugin.

UserPro Pricing – Premium plans start at $39.

3. Theme My Login

Theme my login

Theme My Login is a free user profile plugin for WordPress. It allows you to bypass the default WordPress login and registration functionality and create frontend pages that match your website theme. It is active on over 90,000 websites with an average rating of 3.5 stars from over 400 reviews.

The free version supports only login and registration forms, but you can easily extend it to include frontend user profile pages by purchasing the premium extension.

Theme My Login features

The Theme My Login plugin is straightforward to use, and it works right out of the box. With the profiles add-on, your users can edit their profiles from the front-end of your WordPress site. Below are some of its features.

  • User avatars
  • Social login
  • Email notifications
  • Auto-login after registration
  • Moderation – requires users to confirm their email addresses or be manually approved.
  • Assign user roles.

An example of a user profile

Here is a look at Theme My Login’s default frontend profile page.

Theme my login user profile

Theme My Login pricing – Free with premium extensions starting at $15.

4. WP User Frontend

WP User frontend

WP User Frontend is a user profile plugin with extensive features such as frontend p[ost submission and memberships. If you are looking for a plugin that supports front-end post submissions, this plugin might be a good choice. It is active on over 30,000 sites with an average rating of 4 stars from over 350 reviewers.

WP User Frontend Features

At the basic level, WP User Frontend has all the needed features from a WordPress user profile plugin; it allows you to Create frontend login and registration forms and redirect people after they log in, and create a frontend profile that your users can edit from the front end.

. Below are some of its features.

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • WordPress guest post
  • Role-based access control
  • Redirections
  • Frontend login and registration form
  • Frontend profiles

An example of a user profile

WP User frontend example

WP User Frontend Pricing – Free with premium plans starting at $49/year.

5. ProfileGrid

Profile Grid

ProfileGrid is a relatively new user profile plugin with many features, such as groups, communities, paid memberships, and more. This will be a good choice if you want a plugin to create an online social community.

ProfileGrid is active on over 7,000 websites with an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 150 reviewers.

ProfileGrid Features

ProfileGrid has all the necessary features in most user profile plugins for WordPress. It allows you to create custom registration and login pages. You can either have one registration form for all users. Or, you can create separate user groups, each with its custom registration form. Below are some of the other features available in ProfileGrid.

  • Multiple user profile types
  • Multiple user groups
  • Custom login and registration forms
  • Frontend user profile page
  • Email notifications
  • Member Directories

Example of a user profile

Profile grid example

ProfileGrid Pricing – Free with Premium plans starting at $79.

What is the Best WordPress User Profile Plugin for You?

The purpose and needs of everyone are unique, so we cannot recommend a single plugin that will be a perfect fit for everyone. However, we can guide you into making the right choice depending on your needs and situation by looking at the strengths of these five carefully selected plugins.

To recap, here’s a quick summary of the basic strengths of each tool:

ProfilePress is the best all-around option that gives you much flexibility regarding the information you collect from visitors and design. It offers many custom profile field options, multiple forms/profile pages, and integrations with WooCommerce, email marketing services, social networks, and more.

UserPro is best suited for the social aspect of user profiles, with achievement badges and multiple front-end user listing options.

Theme My Login is a fundamental option for anyone looking for front-end profile editing and nothing more.

WP User Frontend is primarily focused on front-end user post submission, including the option to charge users for submitting content to any custom post type.

ProfileGrid is primarily focused on the social aspect of user profiles, with features like friend requests, private messages, user groups, activity feeds, and more.

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